NEW ALBUM 8/23/19!
Five Elements of Tao

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Lyrics, liner notes and album credits

The purpose of this album is to raise collective vibrational frequency by using it as a tool for meditation.

Each song tells a story of one of the 5 elements.

The ancient masters observed recurring patterns in all of nature.

They categorized these observations into the five elements. Each one has its own attributes, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.

The ancients believed if we could observe the Five Elements and see these patterns of truth reflected within ourselves, then we would have the wisdom to be in harmony with nature, others, and ourselves.


When you listen to the songs you will internalize the teaching and patterns of the elements.

This is not a conscious understanding, the language is music, not thought.

The teachings are woven into the melodies, orchestration, tension and release while maintaining the perfect tempo and timing for meditation (one beat per second).

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  • The orchestration of this album is based on what the ancients called the “Three Treasures.” We are made up of matter (the body), energy (including breath and emotions) and consciousness (spirit). Matter is represented by the piano, energy by the violin, and spirit is represented by the voice. 

  • This is the final album (number nine) in the Five Element series and is the first album in English. The lyrics and music take you through a powerful, meditative five element journey. 

  • This my 4th album with my younger sister, Robin Campbell. Robin is a broadway singer / dancer / actor and recently worked with Hugh Jackman on his broadway show and toured extensively with his show, Broadway to Oz. She is AMAZING (admittedly I am biased:)

  • I began my musical and meditative journey 41 years ago at age 8 (I am 49 :) when my music teacher told me to never listen to the notes, always listen to the space between the notes…

  • I later went on to study meditation, martial arts (I am a 7th degree black belt), tai chi, yoga, qigong and eastern medicine, and to co-found Zen Wellness.


This music is being used in hospital ER’s, yoga studios, wellness centers, therapists waiting rooms, hospice (to replace drugs at end of life) and is in a pilot North Carolina prison program teaching inmates how to mediate.

In addition to teaching professionals, we are teaching kids (we get the teenage girls to meditate instead of twerk lol) This is a long term plan we started 20 years ago, and added the music about 5 years ago.

I hope you enjoy our album and we deeply appreciate you experiencing our music.

Jason and Robin Campbell

“The vocals are absolutely stunning. The violin plays elegantly. It’s almost similar to a beautiful choir. It represents that a production doesn’t have to always have that many lyrics as long as it can provide beautiful instrumentals and gorgeous voice.”
“The vocals were just amazing they could make a person fall asleep because of how beautiful they are. The insruments were just exquisite. it was amazing! i will rate it a 10.”