Five Element Music for Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation:

The Wood Element 

How to listen to this music:

The 5-elements have been used for thousands of years to describe and analyze recurring patterns in nature, medicine, music, food, emotions, personalities, life-cycles, seasons, etc.

The element of the human condition is wood.
A ticking clock or metronome is also of the wood element.
The orchestration on this album is made up of hollow wood instruments:

  • Violin
  • Viola
  • Cello (plucked and bowed)
  • Wood block
  • Shakuhachi flute
  • Bell and cymbal (the only non-wood instruments)

Each song is 5-minutes so that you can use each one as a timer in your practice.
The tempo is one beat per second.
The bell rings every 4 seconds. Use the bell to regulate breath in your sitting meditation practice, or use it to go to the next movement in your moving practice of tai chi, qigong, yoga, etc.
The gong goes off every minute and can be used as a timer to hold a posture or move to the next sequence.

Think of this album as a highly stylized, 5-element metronome.

Each song can be played on a loop, or play all 5 in a row.

If you listen in order (25 minutes total), you will hear the story of the elements played out in the music.

Most common uses are:

  • Wait for the bell to move to the next movement in qigong and tai chi.
  • Use the bell to regulate breath in sitting meditation. Inhale until you hear the bell, then exhale when you hear it again. You can breath every 2-3 bells if one is too short.
  • Use one song as a 5-minute timer to do a brief, sitting meditation or a moving practice. To begin a meditation habit I recommend 5 minutes per day. This is easy to do if you are committed. Meditate for one song a day for 30 days and see the results you will get!
  • Hold postures (yoga, qigong or tai chi) for one minute (or more) and use the gong as a timer to move to the next posture.
  • Practice the 5-element standing meditation and switch each element after you hear the gong.

Composed and Performed by Master Teacher Jason Campbell



Five Element Music for Qigong, Tai Chi, Yoga and Meditation:
The Wood Element