NEW ALBUM 10/11/19!
Zen Piano - I Ching Contemplations Volume 1:
The Eight Trigrams.
72 Meditations on the Book of Changes 

Zen Piano Volume 1.jpeg

The purpose of this album is to raise collective vibrational frequency by using it as a tool for meditation, Contemplation and observation.

When you listen to the songs you will internalize the teaching and patterns of the 8 Trigrams.

This is not a conscious understanding, the language is music, not thought. The teachings are woven into the melodies, orchestration, tension and release.

  • I began my musical and meditative journey 41 years ago at age 8 (I am 49 :) when my music teacher told me to never listen to the notes, always listen to the space between the notes…

  • I later went on to study meditation, martial arts (I am a 7th degree black belt), tai chi, yoga, qigong and eastern medicine, and to co-found Zen Wellness.

This music is being used in hospital ER’s, yoga studios, wellness centers, therapists waiting rooms, hospice (to replace drugs at end of life) and is in a pilot North Carolina prison program teaching inmates how to mediate.

I hope you enjoy our album and we deeply appreciate you experiencing our music.

Jason Campbell