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The 5 Elements of Om Shanti Om


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Use this music to change your life!
Each song is a 5 minute meditation.

Close your eyes, breath when you hear the bell, and feel the power of meditation with this album.

From:  Jason Campbell

Dear Friend,

I invite you to participate in a simple, beautiful and elegant way of uplifting your spirit, tapping into greater creativity, lowering stress and aging process, improving your sleep and increasing an overall feeling of happiness.


Listen to my new album!

"The 5 Elements of Om Shanti Om, 5 Element meditation music for Tai Chi, Qigong and Yoga"

Is just listening enough?


Yes and no

If you just listen you will feel more calm, your heart rate will likely drop (to align with the music at one beat per second) and you will enjoy the beautiful and elegant voices, choir and instruments…

But, if you use it to meditate for as little as 5 minutes a day you can experience the profound impact of meditation. The discipline is simple: 

JC Meditation.jpg
  • sit still

  • close your eyes

  • breath in and out with the bell (every 4 seconds).

  • let the “mental turbidity” settle, the stress dissolve and tap into a greater power of creativity and focus.

I explain how to do this is the video included with the music.

Did you know that music affects more areas of the brain than any other activity?

The ancient Chinese character for "medicine" contained in it the character for "music", and music has historically been used as medicine in many cultures. 

The purpose of this album is to raise collective vibrational frequency. These compositions are a tool for that purpose. This is accomplished by using each piece as a foundation and timer for your meditation practice. The simple discipline of being still for one song (5 minutes) and breathing to the bell can have a profound effect on your state of mind and quality of life. 

Do this for 7 days in a row and your life can change!



Think of meditation as putting a turbid snow globe down on a flat surface.  Over time, through stillness, turbidity settles, and you are able to see clearly through the snow globe.  Meditation works in the same way by allowing internal turbidity to settle, giving you more clarity in your life.

Each song tells a story of one of the elements. The ancient masters observed recurring patterns in nature, medicine, music, human affairs, and other parts of nature and life’s expression. They categorized these observations into the five phases, or elements. Each one has its own attributes, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.

Robin, on the big screen with Hugh Jackman, during the Broadway to Oz tour

Robin, on the big screen with Hugh Jackman, during the Broadway to Oz tour

When you listen to the songs in the order of the “nourishing” cycle: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Qi, you will subconsciously learn the teaching and patterns of the elements. This is not a conscious understanding, because the language is music, not thought. The teachings are all woven into the melodies, harmonies, mantras, orchestration, tension, release, transformation, while maintaining the perfect tempo and timing for meditation and practice.


This is our 2nd album with The Grammy award winning group, The Phoenix Boys Choir

This is our 2nd album with The Grammy award winning group, The Phoenix Boys Choir

The ancient mantra “Om Shanti Om” can be translated into a few different meanings. “Om” is considered the sound of the universe. Shanti means peace. Saying Shanti 3 times in a row can translate to Jing, Qi and Shen, which means Body, Energy and Spirit. A common saying is “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.”

There is no need to think about this while listening to the music. Just sit and breathe. When you practice this discipline you will create space between “action” and “re-action.” This can have a huge impact on your overall feeling of happiness and creativity.

The tempo of all the songs is one beat per second to regulate your heart rate and breath.

When practicing qigong, yoga or tai chi, wait for the bell to go onto your next movement. The gong goes off every minute so that can also be used as a timer in your practice.

Getting to record Robin’s beautiful vocal tracks at Studio 637 in LA…

Getting to record Robin’s beautiful vocal tracks at Studio 637 in LA…

A brief description of the five elements relating to this music is as follows:

  • Wood element: rising, spring time, sprouting upwards. The color is green. This song regulates anger.

  • Fire element: rising and dispersing. The season is early summer. Picture flames flickering and dancing. The color is red. This song regulates shock.

  • Earth element: centered and sweet. It does not rise or fall much, always returning to the center. The season is late summer. The colors are yellow and gold. This song regulates worry.

  • Metal element: splitting and falling. The season is autumn, with a cutting and letting go energy. The colors are white and silver. This song regulates grief.

  • Water element: flowing, building up and dispersing. The season is winter. The colors are blue and black. This song regulates fear.

  • Qi: sometimes referred to as the 6th energy. Similar to fire, this energy dances both upward and downward. The color is purple.


Here is what you get when you purchase the 5 Elements of Om Shanti Om for 7 bucks:

  • 6 Songs of the most elegant meditation music you have ever heard…

  • Bonus course: How to change your life with meditation. 3 simple techniques that have been scientifically proven to:

    • Tap into greater creativity

    • Create a greater feeling of abundant energy

    • Increase mental clarity

    • Lower stress

    • Slow aging in the brain 

    • Improve your sleep

    • Lower blood pressure

    • Increase feelings of compassion

    • Increase dopamine levels in the brain - dopamine is a feel good chemical

    • Help manage ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder)

    • Create space between action and re-action - this is another way of saying you become less reactive 

    • I explain this on a short video on the Thank you page.

  • My 10 minute teaching to the Genius Network titled:  
    299 Seconds a Day - How to supercharge creativity, lower stress, slow aging and
    increase mental clarity with one simple exercise

  • Qigong for health and enlightenment video


And a few "special mixes: of the music:

  • If you want a louder bell to time your breathing, I made a special mix (this is an optional download)

  • I am also including the WAV files (for you technical people if you have a great sound system, WAV files are a higher fidelity than the standard MP3 files, so you hear more detail in the music.


All this for 7 bucks (digital download)!
The CD is 10 bucks plus shipping.


Using these tracks for meditation, yoga, qigong and tai chi can change your life.

Put on one song for 5 minutes, sit still, breath in and out with the bell. Over time your mental turbidity will settle and you will become clearer mentally. I explain this fully in the meditation video you receive upon purchasing the music.