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We Debuted #1 on Billboard New Age and Heat Seekers Mountian charts

We Debuted #1 on Billboard New Age and Heat Seekers Mountian charts

Think of meditation as putting a turbid snow globe down on a flat surface.  Over time, through stillness, turbidity settles, and you are able to see clearly through the snow globe.  Meditation works in the same way by allowing internal turbidity to settle, giving you more clarity in your life.

Each song tells a story of one of the elements. The ancient masters observed recurring patterns in nature, medicine, music, human affairs, and other parts of nature and life’s expression. They categorized these observations into the five phases, or elements. Each one has its own attributes, tendencies, strengths and weaknesses.

When you listen to the songs in the order of the “nourishing” cycle: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, Water and Qi, you will subconsciously learn the teaching and patterns of the elements. This is not a conscious understanding, because the language is music, not thought. The teachings are all woven into the melodies, harmonies, mantras, orchestration, tension, release, transformation, while maintaining the perfect tempo and timing for meditation and practice.


The ancient mantra “Om Shanti Om” can be translated into a few different meanings. “Om” is considered the sound of the universe. Shanti means peace. Saying Shanti 3 times in a row can translate to Jing, Qi and Shen, which means Body, Energy and Spirit. A common saying is “Om Shanti Shanti Shanti Om.”

There is no need to think about this while listening to the music. Just sit and breathe. When you practice this discipline you will create space between “action” and “re-action.” This can have a huge impact on your overall feeling of happiness and creativity.

I included both MP3 and WAV files. If your player can handle WAV files I recommend using them because they hold more data and sound slightly better than MP3 files.


How to use this music in your meditation


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Bonus Qigong Teaching:
THis was from a Zen Wellness Qi Fit Live teaching in Arizona.  Enjoy!!


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Download The Five Elements of Om Shanti Om - WAV Files

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Wood of Om Shanti Om

Fire of Om Shanti Om

Earth of Om Shanti Om

Metal of Om Shanti Om

Water of Om Shanti Om

Qi of Om Shanti Om

The 5 Elements of Om Shanti Om Album Notes